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AV Festival 10: Recycled Film Symposium: Rick Prelinger Watch

Mosty movie never leave the archive been talking for moving images archbive for 100 years

Archive is not a sideshow but critical for Bring past, present and future togther Need to reenginere the archive turn it into a noisy workshop Why archive important Presserve records, scribe and contex Refrence for archive Expet when you need them

Arhive to larger orgs Makes them own rules Open or closed Archive are gatekeepers, pratical control over material

Archive as a instetuten of deinal, tatrical denial To control or forget.. Control how to remember Copywrite never leave the arcive need help to relase it from the archive Work risky, sensure

Cataloge, metadata.. privialge.. still ture in some areas Prisse gardianship Early arcgivest Cinamafiles Igonored cutlure distane for the medium Acces to truesd parties Absolut film to film Preseration over acces????

Culture of acces deffeces Archivest go to school

Assume that its other property

Dont know if rightholer Use are the justifation of archives Archives and use is frocne in un.. relationship

Moving images archives are falling out of places

Rute around archives Young makes, archives are not speaking Archives as uncreative

Youtube as a archvie, universial

Archive dont have a risktaking culture Open access Twitter

Canonical moving image achieves users - other accredited archives - copywriter owners and distributors - approved exhibition venues (museums, cinmathques, some rep theras) - Cinam studies scholars and their kuin - film/video produsers and researchers (open kep at arms length)

We give way the same as we sell Creative Commmons

Free – fee

two-teir system

Prelinger Archives Barziling band Ochestra

Question of openness? How will archives surivie Need physicaltiy Need allow ordnary people Archivst need context people give

Archives are keep alive by concentens Archives seen as obstical Openness are not only online, The googleness You can see, but not touch

Not just wach, but download the movie

Everyone can craw the index The freedom to remix Touch the code touch = engange Freedom of touch, for we don’t know how to aproced culture tomorrow

Creative Common is a child of the web

Wonderful and Unpredictable things happen when ordinary people get access to primary material – Rick P

Archive is culture producer Waite for people to get records

Students said Archive is where filmes go to die Remix art or remix to make art?

Preservation is the meaning for archives to exist But access is the connection to the world

Are we saving what we woth Can we look into the archives?

New models of cultural distribution get people thinking about new models of distributing property which is great. - Rick P

Who run the index?

Is freeculture used a fad? Is the commons a hothouse?

Amaturisem Trashers hollywood, pracies outsiders

Need a dose of DIY

home movie day

Archive need to be more like workshop, maker shops Need to be more like hacker space, In residences

We can all be archivest

Points of Departure zines& indi pubs home movies – home video online video curated collections of webpages local seeds (let 1000 svalbards bloom) text messages, ims email commercials

The Welcome Trust Archives Sexworks pamplests

Cant collect as mono culture Collect in socialway ---

===Pionering internet archivist Brester Kahle and Rick Prelinger on Preservationin the digital Age Brewster Kahl and Rick Prelinger=== Watch

Brewster Open Content Alliance Gooogle Privatization of Library More then search, THE libaery we need many library’s Open Library system 26 30 dollars a book 10 cent a page

Homemovies are personal and not corporate experience individual not events but everyday life.