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Gitelman, Lisa (2014) Paper Knowledge: Toward a Media History of Documents (Sign, Storage, Transmission) , Duke University Press Books

“The word “document” descends from the “Latin root doce”r, to teach or show, which suggests that the document exist in order to document” p1

“Robert C. Blinkey, were able to imagine everyday Americans as amateur historians and non professionals archivists engage productively in the collective recognition and preservation of the historical record. P 14

“The academy in general and the humanities in particular sought to reject the commercial logic of publishing at the same time that they adopted the language of cost-effectiveness and Fordist coordination and control. P 15

“photocopying machines of the 1960s and 1970s became sites of cultural production -– of documentary reproduction as cultural production – that were introduced as corporate stragthey and yet quickly became broadly available to a multiplicity of tactical uses and users. P16

“as W.J.T Mitchel puts it, one of us “only think about media, we think in them,” too. P19

“One can copyright a manual on how to do something (an expression), but that doesn’t make one the owner of doing that thing (the idea) p 34

“Books are keeps, but job printing – if its survives – tends to reside in collections of ephemera, the “minor transient” documents of everyday life” p 40

“The past slips away, while modern media ironically make the present seem more historical” p61

“Official documents give neither the “whole nor the “real” story, he was sure.” p61