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Holt, Mark Muir, Hamish 8vo - On the Outside (2005), London, Lars Muller Publishers Link

After several months away from the problem we became interest in doing something on “mufti-media” Muir,(2005),Page 384

The doomsayers were already talking about the death of print and asking if any of us would have job in three to five years. Muir,(2005),Page 384

There were several CD-ROM title available. These were mostly educational encyclopedic collections which used the (then) massive storage capacity of a CD, 650MB (as opposed to a floppy disk of 2MB, or typical computer hard drive of 80MB), to deliver sound, text and moving image via user interface to a computer screen. Muir,(2005),Page 384

Octavo 92.8 was designed to run on a minimum specified Mac with 68020 processor, 4MB of RAM, a colour screen of 640x480 pixels displaying 256 colours. Typical, this would have been a Macintosh LC. Muir,(2005),Page 386

The irony is that the pace of change of technology has left Octavo 92.8 largely inaccessible. Muir,(2005),Page 386