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Wardrip-Fruin,Noah,2003,The New Media Reader,,MIT Press

From Computer Lib/ Dream Machines - Ted Nelson

"He believed the importance of computer lay not in their capacity of calculating, but in fact that they would enable new generations of media"

"First he argued that computers experience were media to be designed and that this design should be both a creative proccess and undertaken with the audience(users) in mind" Page 301

"Guardianship of the computer can no longer be left to a priesthood" Page 304

"It matters because we live i media, as fish live in water. (Many people are prisoners of the media, many are manipulators and many want to use them to communicate artistic visions" Page 306

"Technology is an expressions of mans dreams. If man did not indulge his fantasies, his thoughts alone would inhibition the development of technology itself" Page 307

"The technological realities of today are already obsolete and the future of technology is bound only by the limits of our dreams" Page 307

"The computer is as inhuman as we make it. The computer is no more "cold and "inhuman" than a toaster, bathtub or automobile" Page 310

"A lot of people have acute media consciousness. But people like Pat Buchanon and communal suggest that there is something shabby about this. Many think, indeed, that we live in a world of false images promulgate by "media" a situation to be corrected" Page 318

"There is another poor tendency. When computer programmers or other technical people design particular system without thinking more generally. things are not likely to be either simple or combinable" Page 322

The Medium is the Message - Marshall McLuhan

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=== Man, Machines, and the world about - Norbert Weiener Notes soon