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Derby Con The Mysterious Mister Kokum Jason Scott Watch

Robort Kokum Recent riteren ISP owner Eye Quest Belowerd from the comuity Indinapolis

Police want to find more Problems Social Socity id was fake, hand made no other information matched Iquest Network Vietnam Vet PHD

Nothing was true

Ko-kum soemthing appartent

foolish or untrue words or ideas

Robert Hokum Robert a Jon Paul Alisem

Been on the run for 20year Finger shot off Gun shoot his finger

Always getting away with things

How I found from him The vider ide Computer Socurity Comfrance How can we learn

Many fake ides Multibillionar Read pickup Aleshe John

Make socity depend on you then you fuck them

When the money come, you dissapere

He was on FIDO NET, computer with a fat guy calling a different fat guy singel us BBS Did not scale everywel Reginal HUB Local calling long distance Everyone call one machine and then that machine call out All was addhock Expensive hub

He got to be a hub Get deals

When to boston Ever return He was empty

Many had invested in him

Right out everything the knew and send it to every BBS Life savings was gone Ironic he moved to 2 states

Open another BBS Watched his own hate

he founded Iquest, lagers ISP in Indiapolis Like a arcade, he struck gold Leglid buisness man, but on the FBI list

Similar places other places When the first Altair 8800 on cover on Popular Electroinc lost in transit iconic photo of a empty box

heathkit no loose ends 100k bytes of storage a lot of empty promices

cut a deal om intel, sold comsmetic bad chip 75chip, if the removed the intel logo

Altair basic 200$ dollars

Said finger was shoot of in vietnam and not a cop

Tom his brother called him page

Raised in cathlic school in las vegas We was both adoped

You want to call to find a good part of him, but I cant tell you the good side He has non Cant justfi him, Did not have contact with him since 1989 Later arrested with the rented call His father died in 1993 three hundred pounds lived large

took 10 years of his estate no money left We dont care about the metal, we care about the people