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Marshall Mcluhan Full lecture: The medium is the message - 1977 Herbert Marshall Mcluhan (*1911 - +1979) lecture recorded by ABC Radio National Network on 27 June 1979 in Australia. PLAY

MEDIAUM IS THE MESSAGE LEAVE CIRITISEM/ Dose not matter what you say on the telefon huge involvement what you say on the telefon effects few

What you print is nothing compared to the printed word

TV promot elitersey dont promote elitesy e

TV person don’t have objectiviert

literacy is objective tv is subjective

Radio people are more literary then tv people

Dont lavy juges, they are to personal, comfuses people not medium, but people

Read to mens to guess

Reda = to guess Many words have many meanngings god reader is a good guess

Adveertisen is the folk art of 2001 centry gREAT ART FORM, NOT PRIVAT BUT COPERAT To make a effect, any artist setts out a effect, to get sones effect sets a trap for attention

What we select now, will not get the same vote 50 years from now MR shakespare wrote volgar at his time he was a popluar artist tv is folk art, popular art

ressults is a messurement, thats box office

the effec of tv is indpipend of the content physical effect of tv (sett down and watch tv) the content is insidental

search for identry true voliance dialog is the obeseit of voilance

overkill colled of medium Violence is self expressions

the quest of identity is a violent one Don Quito Flash Gordon Superman

Star Wars The bionic man/woman is a way for people to ask “who aim i” Violence to discovery how I am Violence in a broad sens, abrasive

Cricket any sport is dramatisers of accepted from ofViolenc sport ( copreate world) way of discover and traumatise what you society is

must be played in front of a audience, to have meaning

life was like driving a car with only beabel to lok at in the review mirror you do not see what have gon past the re view mirror is the future that are coming

the foreground in the re view mirror is nostalgia

nostalgia is the name of the game on every part of the world is the shape of things to come

jeans are for nostalgia for granddad overalls his work cloth are the late costume

internals monthly

the costume of the young today internals monthly or clown custom, clown got greave clown was the voice of grievance

clown role was to say what was wrong in society

beards are a symbol, malefaction of anger of the young.

The hidden aspect of the medium is the things that need to be taught if you understand of the effects, you can neutralise the effects we have not reach that level of the awareness

Finican wake page 24 with all its effects the actors are the medium

large tv screens things to keep in mind

replay. conservation on the cognition

on the direction of expression awarnces

jane austin people go outside to be alone to prove inner resources that they don’t need people, they can make it alone and the romantic movement is based on this physic development

Hoton This thing to go outside to undermine democrany, he said. This is share aratocay, this is to put on the arroscrat thing and going to undermine your whole democracy

moralist never study effects so much of the content of substitution study s the figures and not the grown

advertisement tend to study the figure and not the ground tent to count noses, not the pressure under the noses

to put people on, to tease, to obset them, any comic put on his audince by hurtin them

advertisement is to put its audience, neeed to be comic element in good advertisement

the comic is the man with the grievance

what is the grievance of an advertiser? You not buying my product

the best seller is not accidental, its constructed a million dollar product makes a best seller

RADIO is a pacaet medium, fare more conced with the diffidence message. Its hot TV is col medium, involve character, more concrete with process

RADiO is hot for the more dynamic, the respond, TV is cold for is less dynamic, it got rigest structure?

electronic medium is the loss of private identity mass man, is related to every man simultaneously