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Keynote I - Jason Scott - The House is on Fire, the Fire Trucks are on Fire, The Fire is on Fire

Fire on fire House in fire, the fire truck is on fire

Angel of death Something is going online and I show up.. its a bad sign Really nice to get a puppy, not so fun when its 20 Online puppys are 2 year old

From older websites to books Vintage Software billion of people a day We do no logs of people We are a libaery Secret Order, the interneer archive sued the US goverment

Radioactive waste 250 million year skull and cross bone, but can be posetive.. body of christe ships, indicate someone died on it pirats strike fear Not scary, on lunch boxes Comic, guy. close to symoble, symbole in him, he dies or reverse

100 miles around, alinen landcape of point things land is onholy we are humans, build hotel on it.. so not do that bread a line of glow colours next to radioactive cats see a cat change colour, run away

tusnami.. 1930 one precrent dies now.. more died more imigration, the culture knowelgde

start up culture value fallen away its a party

so startup culture this wonderful thing just said its up party isn't it amazing that we're happy to have a startup we have a we have a machine were hosting it it takes this in turn to do this we have a Spotify that goes into the Facebook interns a Twitter into some sort of blogging platform for cats we have you know all these parties that go on right it's an official launch party

so what's the endgame these things will be any games is almost always to be acquired so for instance you go TripAdvisor acquires wonderful I I am the wonderful I is another church travel things a TripAdvisor bought it isn't that great you do not have to read this all the sages home I got they bought us all thank God we're running on Rahman and dreams at the you know the big hullabaloo everyone shakes hands and then we'll be

need your wonderful account profile in content will no longer be available on the site going forward we hope you will continue to find and share stuff and this is like saying the you know it's like a guy shooting UN saying don't worry I got plans for your car right you are no longer part of the process in this thing you are somebody else's dream 1they're gonna build the house on your body Tom and this isn't like me going like cherry-picking here's ancestry plus the house and memories this is a company that was based in genealogy and genealogist to some of the most anal what about our stuff let's keep this going people in the world and so ancestry put you know what they should right now with the says is also moving in together what it should say is the and what everybody should be doing is freaking out and they should have because of thousand memories is closing just a few months later

reason why is because we made a promise to people we're gonna be your savior trust us don't ask too many questions don't mess it up and we are going to a really really make a lot of money of a you

family photos we're certainly getting to the point that people want that you take a photo it goes to the cloud service and arm you you are never given a local copy and then you're told randomly within 30 days as little as a week the record it was armed well obviously the record with now I had that happen a couple times arm but the record %uh like they legitimately thought they were giving a shutdown was 24 hours and they basically say all and due to magic processes that are unlike the last 50 years have computing there's no traces your stuff after 30 days right

Aqua hire fire everyone on paper, you sett the compnay on fire into the lake and pick up people on the beatch.

the users are getting forgotten

There is no IT support on facebook

I'll the users are just plum forgot me in all this right and we've told culture it's time to go online and we did it we won right the jocks are using the internet to find out sports that's a win in the win column but we've also told young mothers to use their phones to take their first baby photos we've told genealogists to use the internet and cloud services to store their material we pull people to express themselves online to put their writings on line and in many cases I get a lot a geeks who were like well I would keep backups not like walking up to a car accident going I would right you're not helping it's just engineering wise we've gotten into the situationscores and watch the World Cup.

there was a photo site called tableau it took me forever to get the joke1it's a tableau within leau okay got a great great I didn't get that and what you do is you took photos you told the story at the bottom and this is a particularly tragic one this is a guy with photos love his house burning down and he says yeah I lost everything but luckily I have my five thousand pictures on tableau and a month later they deleted them all

History maters

Cities on the Edge of never - Life in the trenches of the web 2013

"There is no sin in the lack of permanence, its not a bad thing that thing move on"