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Bregtje van der Haak (2014) Digital Amnesia, [Vimeo], September 2014. Available: (Accessed 20/04/2015)

Hardisc only last 5 years No one can read floppy disk Eonicmised and sent true the shredder Collective amnesia If we loss the past, we will live in a Orwellian world of the presuppose present Who can control what we know

Cloud of Digital Oblivion Oserty Bugdet cuts

Many library are going away Ministry did not want it Im not asking for money, just storage psace for 100.00 documents Its your memory, all we need is storage pase We are not in the business of storage

They think everything is online

What do it men that a culture think it don’t need its memory.

We got the mens to store the complete past. But we it seems to go up in smoke.

Scans the internet every 2months Library of everything

Universal knowledge

Library have hold a special place, outside commerce

The shape over a library is not that clear MD-GB-TB-PB MEGIA-GIGAL-TERA-PETA

Since 1996, every 2 months 300 billion pages in the wayback machine

University and library dual custodian of the past lab of the new

Tools to invite the new

Its a shame when books only become artefacts and not living pieces of your memory and contribution of someone that are no long with us to communicate to use the book. - alexandira chef


Dating back 50years Not safe, racing into the future In the everything losing its material state, a app, dot a dusty library. Life on the facebook timeline.. million lives in the cloud.

1966-1967 Lunar Orbiter Project

Resouel the tapes, did not think about saving the tapes No more machines to run the tapes

only 4 left, but only 1 left in function Lady retired Nacy Evens Had them in here barn Had the tape drives to here barn

One precent of Rome Egypt we got 0.0001 precent

6 hard-rives from 1995, only one work We live in a area of budget cuts

Stop maiming the library and serves.. what happens then?

The long now foundation 10..000 year perspective

Some problems can only be solved in a long perspective

Attempt longterm problems Japan tsunami markers Do not build under this level

Ancient technology trying to talk with the future and failing 100.000 millions books since the start

Gobal Brain Not a static library

The internet is the library dream.

The human race made a bet, huge bet Everything we are, all we are, want to be.. put it on a machine.. cheaper. Better. Faster But the bet have not payed off.. on floppy disk, machine,. Companyes.. now 20years later we finding hugde gaps Half-life of software are insance


Well beyond to expend it working.


outsource your memory to cooperation The ephemeral memory on facebook

Google is not library Pile of new data to sell you more things