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Miller, Abbott Miller Lupton, (1999) Design Writing Research: Writing on Graphic Design London, Phaidon Press

"According to Derrida, any memory system can be called a form of writing, since it records information for the purpose of future transmissions" Page 5

"If writing is but a copy of spoken language, typography is a mode of representation even farther removed from the primal sourc of meaning in the mind of the author." Page 5

"Early English newspapers based their structure on the classic boook, whose text block was designed to be reaad from beginning to end" Page 17

"Design can critically engage the mechanics of representation, exposing and revising its ideological biases; design also can remake the grammar of communication by discovering structures and patterns within the material media of visual and verbal writing" Page 23

"In 1982 interview published in the design tabloid Skyline Foucault was asked whether architecture can be a technice of domination or a tool of liberation. In response Foucault refused to say architecture, is by itself, either oppressive or liberation instead, design becomes powerful only when it enters the domain of the structure of the city as a model for the state, or when criminal justice looks at the arrangement of prisons as a means of controlling inmates" Page 23 The "media" only become a means of control when it is use as a way to control others"

Re-read of Foucault essay "The Arhaeology of Knowledgde" Design as put where Focualt says "madness or medicine"

"But need we dispense forever with the "oeuvre" the "book" or even such unities as "science" or "literature"[ or design ]? Should we reagard them as illusions, illegitimate constructions, or ill-acquired results? What we must do, in fact, is tear ourtselves away from their virtual self-evidenec, and free the problems that they pose... [What is design?] What distinct types of law can [design] obey? What articualtion is [design] capable of? What sub-groups can [design] give rise to? What specific phenomena does [design] reveal in the field of discourse?.... In short [design] requres a theory, and this theory cannot be counstructed unlesss the fueld of facts of discourse on the basis of which those facts are bult appears in its on non-synthetic purity" (26) Page 67

"According to Barthes, myth operates by liquidating the signs original "meaning" in other that it may receive the mythic "concept." Page 112 (In the case of the Paris-Match cover it legitimate french imperialism by giving it the appearance of naturalness) Media deterem the correct reality