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Munari, Bruno, Design as Art (1966) England, Penguin

“It must be understood that as long as art stand aside from the problems of life it will only interest a very few people.” Munari (1966) Page 25

“When the objects we use every day and the surroundings we live in have become in themselves a work of art, then we shall be able to say that we have achieved a balance life” Munari (1966) Page 27

“A designer tries to make an object as naturally as a tree puts forth a leaf. He does not smother his object with his own personal taste but tries to be objective.” Munari (1966) Page 31

“The form follows the function” (Jean-Baptiste Lamark) Munari (1966) Page 33

“The growing use of symbols such as roadsigns and trademarks on a worldwide scale demands absolute clarity of expression. Its no longer possible to confine oneself to local tastes.” Munari (1966) Page 41

“What does fashion actually do? It sells you a suit made of a material that could last five years, and as soon as you have bought it tells you that you cant war it any longer because a newer one has already been created.” Munari (1966) Page 47

“A designer with a personal style, arrived at a priori, is a contradiction in terms. There is no such things as personal style in a designers work. While a job is in hand, be it a lamp, a radio set, an electrical gadget or an experimental object, his sole concern is to arrive at the solution suggested by the thing itself and its desisted sue. Therefor different things will have different forms, and these will be determined by their different uses and the different materials and techniques employed” Munari (1966) Page 47-48

“An artist style is a leftover of romanticism, and is general damaging to the goods he is advertising” Munari (1966) Page 54

“There must be coherence between the product and the forms and colours used” Munari (1966) Page 54

“Art is not technique, as everyone knows, and a artist can create with anything that comes to hand.” Munari (1966) Page 103

“When a lot of money comes along before culture arrives, we get the phenomenon of the gold telephone. And when I say culture I dont mean academic knowledge, I mean information: information about what is happening in the world, about the things that makes life interesting.” Munari (1966) Page 137

When siliconvally kids get money, you get tacky services with no real purposes then making them money