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But Storage is Cheap: Digital Preservation in the Age of Abundance


Preservation from a social perspective The age of abundance of information more information, and same fineain of attention span

have not been digital informatoin for to long what me worring is storage is cheap

cheap storage storage need energy the use of power will not be cheap depended on the power grid

spectrum of digital goes beyond servers

not everything is equals valuable limited byest

information is easy to use and manipual


Not called preservation, but called access Future productivity of science, how to talk about that like library astro science vs hollywood movies

public interest


more institute attention to digital preservation finance have done it for along whiel

library har to learn, from coming from a paper based world cant be done in a old way no silo way. shared knowledge and location

can do things by its own

on scale, over institutions

tech advance: have not keept paced with the creation of information the sad thing is the smaller library, cultural institutes.. they are left on their own small intest

shared stewardship

bad news of institution of commitments

incentive to preserve in the public interest

we differs. artificial memory over time and generation. we do it true preservation

Google Blue Ribbon Task Force on Sustainable Digital Preservation and Access