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Graduation Project Page...

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Really Speculative Project List

  • 1. My Hard-Drive Died Along With My Hearth #Help

Book that contains the tweets from My Hard-Drive Died online forum post and interview with some of the people. Topic: Peoples trust in storage technology – hard-drives. The book will exist in archive box

  • 2. Read Write Read

Visualise storage formats as A1 poster with the format arrange based on storage size. With multiple version of the format.. so two 3,5inch floppy disk.

  • 4. Not If, But When

A copy of the thesis as a soft cover book + will exist as website disrupted on different web-serves and services around the world. Online the text exist online on one website, the text is linked from 3-4other sources One as a local raspberry pie. Printed version, as local “paperback” size, reference to mcluan, the 1960s, a book for the masses

  • 5. Cloudy Industrial Complex

Web pages on postcards, and on the back there will be stories around the invention of the notion of the cloude. Web pages connect to the time and age of the stories.

  • 6 New And Better

Video that tell the stories of the thesis but in video form.