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Rebekka Baron How little we know about of you r nab our hood

Looking at family

CCTV style

Looking at a school class UK

Industry park

on top of a building

People with cameras, talking photos, tourists.. museum= British Museum, inside

Looking at photos

At july 1910 Family francis, sleeping in here bed Every morning, he sneak up to here room and photograph here

The camera is the only go between, the only medium. It does more to..

Its stops half way, Gives do value The came capture a depre turf then we see. Capture the event in time

July 1937 Edward king marry force American Ethnographic survey

The mass observation movement. Recruited people true newspapers Take photos

Plan of campaign

Humpry Jengings

Tom Harrison

Humrpy Spendings Lefties photographer

Observes sent to the street

Mass oversveration made to revel society

The camera aid not only

Hiding camera in hand Hiding the act of photography by panning around

Edward Lemmy Cartoonist Take up the camera

Taking photos of girls outside the school Giving pet names, noting success to photographer them Maounted them in album, calling the book “Zoology studies”

Detective camera The camera fiend Lurking with

More success after camera became smaller

——— Jon Tagg - Burden of Representation

Discourse People are shaped of discourse

—— 1939 Spare Time Filmed in Bolton

The documentary of the doorstep

Showing how life really was Surreality of the everyday

Photography have used first for eugenics

Camera as the point of power

England 300 times a day being filmed

Humpry hired as official photograph for wartime England Humpry use his observers as civilian spy Observer

Mass observation true into marked research post war

Notes Steve Foucault The means of correct training

Surveillance Panopticon, provides a paradigm fr

we regulate your behaviour when we think we are being watched.

Discourse is about reforming people

In the classic age, before the 17/18th century ( the body is a subject of power thorough punishment In the modern age the body is trained, transforming and improving in particular space, prisions, schools, facorrty, barracks

The aim efficient, and the compliant the body ( docile) the more efficient that body will be

The transformation of the self To concord about oneself / induvality modern concept —

efficient is gained though a codification of space and time The time code of the timetable and the space code of the arhicetureal plan

miltiart educatoin prisons ++

Biopower to describe the disubutuin of bodies in space and time. The body is no loner subject to the will of a ruler but enters a disciplinary system where surveillance, discipline ranking and set-regulaton

biopower = facebook egg freacing

bad side we are cogs in a machine

Good side - system of health care and education for instance, are introduce which increase our effuceny but also imp rice our well being Nevertheless: our individuality is contracted. The incivility is born in the disciplinary societety and is defined by it.

But its worn remembering what it was the like before (in sovereign societies)

Freedom = consctruct = discourse


Man= is a inverted coma )Focult)

The Meaning of Correct Traning The function of they dispilnry society is to train

Disciplin can be understood as a technology of power and the individual (a modern invention) a constration of power.

Three sections of

Cesere Lomboroso typology of criminals 1870

The key aspects…


Normalise judgmental

Reality tv is way to normalise judgmental

Time Prumphet

——— Steve Ruston

Master of Reality

Neo Liberal subject --- Super Panopticon Non scoping surveillance = cards ——

Control sursity = can move Database constitute indivulte to manipulate connection between indivdules