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Aliki van der Kruijs & Jos Klarenbeek - Kadans 2.0 After a day of being stuck looking at a screen full of waves, lines and spoken things, I dropped by the exhibition 'Choreographed events' at Garage Rotterdam. There was the work Kadans 2.0 by Aliki van der Kruijs and Jos Klarenbeek. They had taken the movement of the sea as a guide for patterns in fabric. Their use of data reminded me of what had drawn me to the sea in the first place, the moments of ebb and flow that denote a measure of time only shared between the moon and the water. I had looked up the hours of the tides before going there to film, perhaps to catch a six hour block with the levels at its highest and lowest (I didn't do this in the end, the timings weren't handy and also six hours is quite long). I think I will go back to this essence for a bit, see what I can do with data, or perhaps simply with this form of timekeeping.

Also at the exhibition was a work by Heleen Blanken, of which I happened to have seen another work last Sunday as well at the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. I don't think my work relates to hers at all, but it is incredibly cool.

Hira Nabi - How to Love a Tree: Wild Encounters Currently shown at Foam, a gorgeous three-channel video installation about Pakistani forests put at risk by imperialist and capitalist hands. Speaks from a sense of deep time, rather than human time.


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