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Character Test: May 2

Character Protonmail Traits Targets
The Political Paladin
E: instapaladin333
P: instaWARNET333
Political Paladins are tactical masters, who crusade on behalf of a personal and political ideology. They have a keen sense for state-sponsored trolls, paid propaganda and fake news. They may switch positions from left to right, if it serves their ultimate goal of shaking up the current discourse around politics, policy and political news.
Their targets are political parties, figures or campaigns that amplify division and silence healthy debate. Examples include:
The Manosphere Ranger
E: instaranger111
P: instaWARNET111
Manosphere Rangers use their cunning and stealth to infiltrate hostile spaces created by men's rights activists. They are feminists and rebels, skilled at exposing gaslighting, mansplaining, slut-shaming and other typical incel practices. For Rangers, the ultimate goal is to reveal gender inequality and to talk back to white male dominance.
Their targets are misogynistic communities, figures or campaigns that amplify toxic masculinity and silence the female experience. Examples include:
The Social Justice Warrior
E: instawarrior666
P: instaWARNET666
Social Justice Warriors take their name from the pejorative term used by Redditers and 4chaners to describe an individual who promotes progressive views, including feminism, civil rights, multiculturalism and anything considered politically correct. Here, we reclaim the title, and wear it proudly. Social Justice Warriors are defenders of the little guys in society. They are protectors of minorities.
Their targets are intolerant trends, figures or campaigns that amplify hate and silence vulnerable communities. Examples include:
The Pop-Culture Alchemist
E: instaalchemist222
P: instaWARNET222
The Pop-Culture Alchemist combines items, magic or otherwise, to create potions that heal wounds from excess capitalism, harmful media diets and celebrity fads gone wrong. They crawl the pages of trending hashtags and instafamous feeds to question the sheepdogs and rattle the conspirators.
Their targets are pop culture trends, figures or companies that amplify dangerous clichés and silence critical thinking. Examples include: #hustle

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