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A page from our experimental, analog linked provisional reader
Spread from first text in my reader, with synopsis as annotation
Spread from eighth text in my reader, with synopsis as annotation


  • text as tactical media, when mathematics meets literature: language and cybernetics
  • cadavre exquis
  • combinatorial games

Reading & synopsis writing

  • synopsis as a form of annotation, of situating and adding context to written content
  • writing abstracts, and synopsis as part of research practice, to better understand key elements of texts
  • First synopsis: The Electronic Revolution by William Burroughs > on language as tactical media, the written and recorded word as political instrument, and cut-ups as a method of subverting language
  • Second synopses: The Digital Universal Library and the myth of chaos by Sanne Koevoets and The Suspicious Archive by James T. Hong > on creating feminist knowledge spaces and archive politics
  • Synopses written for the reader: here
  • other influential works read this trimester:
    • Library of Babel by Jose Luis Borges
    • Invisible Generation by William Burroughs
    • Feminism Confronts Technology by Judy Wacjman
    • Exercises in Style by Raymond Queneau (OULIPO)

Essay writing

Going forward

  • My research practice has developed a lot over the last trimester, and I'm starting to see which subjects might interest me for my thesis (knowledge (re)production, feminism and publishing in Asian context, how design shapes/reflects biases)
  • Need to practice long-form writing, would love to experiment with creative writing sometime in the future
  • Questions for next trimester: How to continue to include Asian/Indonesian contexts in my research? More research on decolonizing knowledge? How does how information is structured change the way it is read? Literature as information streams