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Welcome to the federation

Notes, Paths & Thoughts

Reflections on Special Issue 8 (first half)
Expanding Networks
From Map to Visual Abstraction

Something for the annotated reader

Annotated reader
The new annotating reader
The old annotating reader
Notes from Project Xanadu
Thoughts upon a living text


Computer for Cynics
Software, poetry, pornography and post-digital practices: A review of Florian Cramer's essays
From Immateriality to pervasivness: The pervasive labour union

Main Sources


  • Marx, Engels - the ruling class and the ruling ideas
  • Gramsci - history of subaltern classes/the concept of ideology/cultural themes: ideological material
  • Hall - encoding, decoding
  • Hebdige - sub culture, the meaning of style
  • McLuhan - the medium is the message
  • Barbrook, Cameron - the california ideology
  • Jandric - from the electronic frontier to the anthropocene: a conversation with Fred Turner

Special Issue

  • Chantal Mouffe - Art and democracy
  • Brian Larkin - The politics and poetics of infrastructure
  • Radical Networks
  • Sarah Friend (from Radical Networks)- Decentralization and its discontents
  • Constant - Feminist server manifesto
  • Homebrew server club - Have you considered the alternatives?
  • Immaterial Labor Union
  • Issue #9 on XMPP
  • Institute of network cultures - Beyond distributed and decentralized: what is a federated network?
  • Zach Blas - Contra-internet
  • Yuk Hui and Harry Halpin - Collective individuation: the future of the social web
  • Rob Horning - Social Media is Not Self Expression
  • Christian Fuchs - Sustainability and Community Networks


  • Aditya Mandayam - Crux of the Ooze
  • Peter Blasser - An essay on worldmaking in Plumbutter
  • Ulises Carrion - The new art of making


  • Fred Turner
  • How to publish noise

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