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Becoming aware (reveal biases): software being used / how software works / how consciousness works
>> develop a critical approach towards life in general

  • existentialism and software engagement?

HTP to become aware It is important to show how the 'Hard Problem of Consciousness' challenge a passive relation towards technology/computers/software and individuality/self/consciousness

There is ONE software

  • From a single cognitive computer (technological nonconscious cognition) to networks and the internet as a proper cognitive system. (Manovich - super-cognition).
  • Software ecology?
  • Ubicomp and everyware
  • Alex's part on dependencies

Mapping the context > Lexicons of terms / Map of relations

GUATTARI VS KITTLER > close reading of the texts and highlight the two different approaches

Gerrit Lovnik, Lev Manovich - Digital Constructivism: What Is European Software?

'Take computer games as an example: The popularity of the navigation through space idiom in the U.S. games can be related to the traditional U.S. idea that you travel through space to build a character and to find your identity.'

'One of the most common forms of navigation used today in computer culture--flying through spatialized data--can be traced back to simulators representing the world from the viewpoint of a military pilot. Thus, from Vertov's mobile camera we move to the virtual camera of a simulator, which, with the end of the Cold War, became an accepted way to interact with any and all data--the default way of encountering the world in computer culture.'

Greenaway - The pillow book / Paul Edwards -The Closed World

direct/indirect realism

naive realism VS representational realism VS anti-representational realism

private language /ryle's regress / homunculus argument

revonsuo - inner presence / private use of public language

steiner - idiolects

problem of color

controlled hallucination

argument from illusions / Conflicting Appearances