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Project's Narrative

Theoretical Background

'Connettivismo' & 'Nexialism'
>>>manifesto connettivismo

Nexialism > "One skilled in the science of joining together in an orderly fashion the knowledge of one field of learning with that of other fields"

outer space > pure concentrate of unknown and mystery. Synonym of the unconscious (inner space).

Topie: utopia / distopia / eterotropia

Beyond the barriers of time, beyond contingency > to find new spaces where to experiment, at the intersection of genres. Intersection as connective tissue, not as a 'free zone'. Oblique points of view.

seduction of the unknown / cosmic vertigo / irrational

C.P.Snow - 'two cultures' > idealists philosophers (universal minds) VS scientists and technicians (minute intelligence)

AI / nanotechnologies / human-computer interfaces

core (early) nature of human VS post-human

time travels / multiverse / aliens (or creature from a parallel dimension) / fantarcheology / mysteries of history
>> challanges at the extreme limits of death

boundary > pretext to question oneself and limit to challenge. Margins as new spaces to explore.

Zero future VS alien future

  • sense of wonder
  • romantic decadent lyricism
  • hard science fiction
  • spiritual research
  • magic-cabalistic / scientific-esoteric

Divine as a 'cloud of unknowledge' - 'cloud of forgetting'

Explorer (Shackleton conquers of the north pole)


Burke - sublime / Freud - uncanny / Jung - individuation

Space opera (>>> Odyssey)

  • Lem - Solaris
  • Van Vogt - The Voyage of the Space Beagle
  • Iain Banks
  • Ballard - Report on an undefined space station
  • Battisti - Olonomico
  • De Matteo - Terminal Shock