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With this experimentation, I wanted to explore the possibilities of revealing the layers of software through the software itself, while allowing a playful and interactive environment. A sort of an auto-referential interactive environment.

 user > sensor > arduino > processing > animation 
 interaction > flowing data > code > responsive graphics 

Hp0 1.jpg

Hp0 2.png

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While working on arduino/processing I was creating this auto-referential sketch but not really revealing these software. As well these environments work on the desktop itself creating further layers of software and dependencies. I thought that in a way a 'desktop narrative' allow showing these further layers and multiple windows working in parallel.

Aymeric feedback

Not write but scrape something already written (ex. clippy)

In specific about this:

  • Find specific works exploring this thematic
  • Find a piece of software to experiment and deconstruct the layers of software

In general for the graduation:

  • How to make it public? material aspect > thesis and project
  • How to create a public for this issue? How to gather people around your work?
  • Why is your work relevant to you and for other?


As I changed the direction of my project proposal, now I will work on two different layers:

  • exploration of early AI to get engaged with software and try to create a narrative from their manipulation



  • exploration of Git repositories to understand how software can be revisualized in their wholeness (code/compilation/execution/manifestation)

#Git Stalker


#2.1 Unspatial spaces

#2.2 DOM Annihilator

#2.3 Infinite Spaces

#2.4 Auto Scrolling

#2.5 Tags Highlighter


#3.1 Rubber Hand

#3.2 Ganzfeld Effect


#4 Text Everywhere


First step into the structure and narrative of the project