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From sexuality and limit experience

The modern and contemporary discourse on sexuality (from De sade till now, passing through Freud and Nietzsche) is based on the attempt to get a clear consciousness of the moment when the subject-object relation is forced to its dissolution. If De Sade developes its research through an analytical deconstruction, enumeration until exhaustion of the possibility of destroying human beings, Bataille, with a new approach, push himself beyond the limit of language to reveal the nondiscursive nature of sexuality.

This discourse on sexuality is relevant for the digital existentialism in:

  • the relation subject-object and its evolution with the software/interface (subject-interface-object)
  • the concept of sacrifice and liminal experience (hypotesis of the sacrifice of the machine + hyperself)
  • the concept of transgression and limit in the discourse of consciousness (hyperself)


  • De Sade - Justine
  • George Bataille - Introduction to Sade
  • George Bataille - Story of the Eye (1928)
  • Klossowski - le dame romane