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Weekly release

# Date Title Description Output
1 19/04/22 Breadboard Experiments Contribution for Yet to Be Named with Jian pad, video, audio, documentation
2 26/04/22 Schooling shoaling Contribution for Uneven Patterns with Mitsa & Kamo pad, audio, documentation
3 10/05/22 Overture Atlas Contribution for the Emergent Opera with Kamo pad, documentation
4 17/05/22 dear Dear Contribution for the Jingleboard Parliament with Kimberley pad,documentation
5 24/05/22 What Is Left To Discuss? Contribution with Alex & Caretaking with Alex and Emma for Nested Narratives contribution: pad, documentation
caretaking: pad, editorial pad
caretaking (release website): twine, twine case study
6 07/06/22 Contribution for the Diffractive Cookbook with Emma pad, documentation
7 14/06/22 Contribution for Unfolding Implicancies pad, documentation
8 21/06/22
- 24/06/22 [Archive release] Caretaking for SI18 archive release with Gersande & Mitsa pad


Date Title Description Output
14/04/22 Breadboard 101 Breadboard basics with Jian pad
28/05/22 Workbook Modular workbook with Kamo pad, figma, git, workbook


Date Title Description Output
07/05/22 Overture Atlas variations (mockups) Understanding the Overture Atlas prompts 01 02 03 04 05
14/05/22 Instrument/notation (mockups) Dial a website & game sound scrambler 01 02


Developed interests

- Twine as an instrument + website
- nesting environments (HTML/email/AE)
- WebVTT