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- Disconnect as a research/practice

- Feedback loops across (a) screen, (b) device and (c) paper-based practices
- Observations on materiality of software + hardware
- (a) + (b) support and oppose (c) and vice versa - [insert diagram]
- (c) is a necessary part of my practice and is a useful method to help me observe/understand my process and to zoom in and out but indirectly, through the act of sketching
- keywords: tools, synthesis, byproduct, instrument + surface, interface


(A) Screen-based

Tools: (A) Screen-based
Category No. Name Type Environment Language Paradigm License Resources Experiments Notes
(A1) Game 01 Bitsy Game editor Browser HTML, CSS, Javascript Open, MIT documentation, hacks, bitsy savior
02 Twine Game engine (for interactive fiction), electronic publishing tool Browser, desktop HTML, CSS, Javascript Open, GPL reference, Twine Cookbook, SugarCube v2
(A2) Audio 01 Pure Data Visual programming language Dataflow Open, BSD-3-Clause
02 Max Visual, flow-based, declarative, domain-specific Closed
(A3) Annotation/Documentation 01 Workbook

(B) Device-based

- Focus on game consoles and modular synths (patching interface)
- Some comes with a display and/or requires software to execute additional features
- Keywords: human-computer interaction, params, muscle memory

Tools: (B) Device-based
Category No. Name Type Microcontroller Language Display Resources Notes
(B1) Game 01 Makerbuino DIY game console ATmega328P-PU C/C++ 8-bit build guide WIP
02 Gamebuino META Game console ATSAMD21 C/C++, Python 16-bit reference,

CircuitPython guide

(B1) Audio 01 Bastl Kastle v1.5 Mini modular synthesizer - user manual, github
02 Bastl Drum user manual, github
03 Bastl Microgranny 2 Monophonic granular sampler user manual, github
04 Landscape Soundwich DIY piezo disk/tact switch - instructions WIP
05 Sizzling Semiconductors
06 Oscillator

(C) Paper-based

Tools: (C) Paper-based
Category No. Type Specs Notes
(C1) Instrument 01 Pen Muji 0.38, ballpoint, black *
02 Pen Muji 0.38, ballpoint, blue black
03 Pencil Pentel 120 A3DX, 0.3mm
04 Pen Uni Pin Fineliner, 0.03 *
05 Charcoal AMI 4-5mm
06 Pen Pilot Precise V5
07 Pen Uni-ball (2)
08 Pen Copic Multiliner SP 0.03 *
09 Brush Van Beek top filament 2005, 4 GRAW
10 Brush Van Beek filament plus 1052, 00 GRAW
11 Pen Pelikan’s Stick super soft ballpoint, 1mm "Ergonomic triangular form for relaxed and prolonged writing"
12 Conductive pen Circut Scribe Conductive Ink Pen, 1Ω/cm For paper based circuits
(C2) Surface 01 Paper HEMA 75g/m2, A4
02 Paper AMI Skizzenblock Newspaper 49g/m2 , A4 + Charcoal
03 Paper Clairefontaine Dessin à Grain 180g, A4 + Charcoal, gouache,
04 Paper Lana Dessin 150 150g/m2, A5 Summerschool Ghost Files, GRAW
05 Paper Clairefontaine Dessin à Grain 180g, A5 GRAW
06 Paper Daler Rowney 200g/m2, A5 GRAW
07 Paper Fabriano 90mg2, A4
08 Notebook ZAP book
(C3) Substance 01 Gouache Royal Talens, neutral black
02 Acrylic ink AERO COLOR, 702

(*) Hybrid

When a surface becomes a part of an instrument/when an instrument morphs/develops another characteristic after prolonged usage.

Tools: (*) Hybrid
Mode No. Categories Combinations Notes
(C) Paper-based 01 (C1) Instrument + (C2) Surface (C1-07) Uni-ball + (C2-02) AMI Skizzenblock Newspaper 49g/m2 , A4 Pen tip picks up on pulp


Front + back end interruptions


Date Keywords Diagram


No. Title Description Parts Keywords References Category Output
Research Log: Disconnect
Workbook: Test
Notebook Studies
Pencil Studies
Sizzling Semiconductors Debugging a DIY instrument Logbook
Oscillator CMOS Hex Schmitt Trigger Integrated Circuit (CD40106) Logbook, 01, CMOS Cookbook
AnalogTouch Arduino to Pure Data AnalogTouch library, CH340 driver 01
IC Chip Fanfic
Tool Crackology