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Collective and individual experiments in development:

# Date Title Description Output
1 17/10/21 Digital breadboard Button experiments pad
2 30/03/22 Micro loops A collaboration with Erica & Mitsa from a workshop with Raphaël Bastide wiki
3 02/04/22 Modular synthesis workbook Log/exercise book for learning modular synthesis wiki
4 04/04/22 Pattern-making patch bay A collaboration with Jian from a workshop with Brendan Howell wiki
5 14/04/22 Breadboard 101 Breadboard basics with Jian pad
6 28/05/22 Workbook Modular workbook with Kamo pad, figma, git, workbook
7 29/06/22 Honeycomb Weathering devlog
8 04/07/22 Summer experiments with Alex pad, wiki, pad (bitsy)