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Web Audio API

Try 01 :International Women's Day Huge Page:


▶What specific tools, knowledge do you need to test out ideas related to your work? (link to projects if possible)
▪Python (for visual usage)
▶What specific examples (positive and negative) have you come across? (again with links if possible)
▪Synthesizer/Microcontroller(visual&sound): Mountain by Mou
I got a lot of inspiration from it. I am trying to come up with some ways to display video or just different colors of lights as an V&A installation. So I think maybe I would like to try different kinds of materials and shapes and some other possibilities. However, I have not had specific ideas about it yet....
▶Are there things you would like to accomplish for which you don't know what tools are available?
▪Synthesizer knowledge(tools codes references and so on)
▪Coding for (live) video
▪Material Knowledge(projecting on different materials)