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Having worked for many years as a 'Technician for the Arts', designing and building physical interfaces and custom hardware & software solutions for artists, Stock now teaches electronics, physical interfaces & embedded computing. Also available for Tutorials, technical Q&A, technical assistance, and as assistant system-administrator.

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Outside the PZI, i work with various artists on various projects.
Here are some links & pictures of selected projects.


An interactive boxing-bag! Fun!
With artists Stella Böß and Stefan Gross.


Building and programming a robotic Heavy Metal band.
With Frank Barnes (UK/DE), Markus Kolb (DE) and Miles van Dorssen (AUS)
So far the band consists of Stickboy, the amazing 4-armed drummer, and Fingers, the guitarist with 3 hands and 96 fingers. Miles and I are currently working on Bertha (? working title...), the bass-playing Fembot-on-tank-treads.

Machina Ludens

A big, motor-driven robot and his little smart-ass sidekick.
I designed, built and programmed the motor-control system for this work.
Robot and nun.jpg
Photo by Elise Maslow