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library of contingencies

Making the activities of the bootleg library public via an online collection called "Library of Contingencies" (LoC). The LoC is a digital version of the text Tasks of the Contingent Librarian (TotCL), including concrete examples of my activity as the contingent librarian in maintaining the bootleg library. TotCL will be published as printed cards in the autumn of 2020. The interface of the printed A6 card determines a particular type of reading and assembly of the text (writing).

LoC will be an activated digital documentation of the practice which utilises not the layout, but the function of the cards:

  • combinatorial
  • associative over hierarchical
  • concise
  • convivial
  • supportive

A plan of the tasks and associated snippets

Concrete things I've done in relation to the reflective tasks:

Category:Tasks of the Contingent Librarian