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sebastian has been endowed – by uncle nature – with the capacity to discern between both the forest and its constituent components, the trees. he is a precocious manipulator of things abstract, with an avid interest in the extraterrestrial phenomena that manifests itself inside the machine that he calls ‘his unpretentious world.’ but this is not entirely true; when asked to comment on his recent preoccupation, ‘composite tracing,’ his reply was endlessly inconclusive: ‘no comment.’ the man is idiosyncratic, obsessed and perfectly determined to impeach all things attempted and created ‘for the sake of the unobstructed perpetuation of kitsch.’

only some examples abound:

1. the frequency with which a dog should urinate, both towards and against the northern wind, is NOT predetermined by his sovereign’s most intimate desires.

2. focaccia bread, although an option at most eateries, tastes like whole what blah.

3. in ancient greece, he has been told, philosopher kings only ruled supreme on the weekends. if he has been told incorrectly, he promises to rectify his claim, by reversing the order of his logic, from weekends to weekdays. this, he thinks, will suffice.

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