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Pristitrope turn.png

Graduation project Pristitrope & thesis All Around & Away we Go

LCD zoetrope tests

A test using a circular array of smartphones - to find out if zoetropic motion is possible with LCD screens. Findings:

  • It works
  • The limited viewing angle doesn't seem to be a problem
  • When viewed in the dark the screens seem to 'float' mid-circle
  • The screens reflect into each other, better use non-or-less-reflective ones
  • In a dark environment the screens cast beams of light on the surroundings
  • As with a regular zoetrope, images get slightly squished horizontally
  • This test should be repeated with just iPhones, set on the same brightness, and using thinner slits.

Shadowplay tests

Makeshift setup:

Shadow setup 1.jpg Shadow setup 2.jpg



Tutorial notes