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What tools, techniques and technologies will be involved in producing and presenting your project?

- Software like: Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D/Blender

- I also like to learn to develop my own filmrols

- It would be great to know how a greenscreen works


How will you use these techniques and technologies in your project?

I think I will use these tools I mentioned above for filmmaking. So maybe I will make a film based on only photography, like a slide show.


Describe the challenges and potential pitfalls in using these techniques. Do you already have the skillset needed, or do you need to develop new skills? What could be the biggest threat to the success of the project?

It's easy for me to visualize something and later find out that this is way to ambitieus. While having this thought, it would also be very easy to never start at all.


Describe when you will need these skills and techniques in the remaining time, and (if applicable) a timepath for developing new skills.

I'm not so much in a hurry to learn. So if I can start learning these techniques after Christmasbreak, it would be fine!


Describe how and in what way you will develop these skills - and what kind of assistance you might need (and from whom). Try to be as specific as possible.

I found somebody outside school who want to teach me After Effects a little, but of course this will not (or never) be enough to fully understand the possibilities. I think I can ask the photographers if I can join them if they are planning to develop a filmrol, so I can see how this works.

Peers in the group that may share an interest

Are there peers (inside or outside the PZI) who share an interest in the techniques you plan to use, in order to share knowledge?

I do know there are a lot of people interested in learning to use 2,5/3D software.

Tools not to use and why...

As a counterpoint, briefly describe which tools or techniques (that may seem like obvious choices for your project) you do not want to use, and why?

I'm not so much interested in 4D, learning about 3D is already a big challange for me.