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September 21 - Py.rate.chnic session -1-


-On this session we brought material that interested us and can possibly be the starting point of a py.rate.chnic session. The materials I selected:

-Infrastructures of empire: towards a critical geopolitics of media and information studies was for the content and If We Want Design to be a Tool for Liberation, We’ll Need More Than Good Intentions for it's motivations.
-I want to explore censorship,propaganda and access to information on my masters project, and this is in part motivated by my background in design and desire to do "meaningful" and "useful" design work.
-We discussed what formats can our sessions take (which can be found on the pad) Clara, Anna and I teamed up for the py.rate.chnic session and we will be meeting up later this week.

September 23

We teamed up with Anna and Clara, and also talked about possible formats of the Py.rate.chnic session today. Among these I'm really interested in treasure hunt (can be online or offline), gaming session (can also be online or offline) and design challenge. I think treasure hunt (and maybe gaming session but I like the idea of treasure hunt more) can really combine the interests and motivations of all three of us. Exploring interactivity and storytelling in the process if this session can be nice for me, additionally, I've been studying processing and arduino and I would like to also get more practice on them.