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What are you making?

I am making a short video about capturing a drone point of view for my recent project. It started from one of the YouTube videos that I found interesting.

Why did you decide to make it?

because I thought it was interesting to take out all random stories from the internet which is quite random. I can put a lot of behind stories of that video or easily manipulate the content.

So you're trying to manipulate that video?

Yes, right I'm trying to make a simple love story out of that video.While I’m practicing manipulation,I'm trying to build up my own point of view starting from the original source. The story itself is a portrait of the drone having a relationship with the human owner. it's still in progress but trying to bring some sympathy with non-human objects.

How does it relate to other things you have done?

I think it's not related to my former works directly. I didn't use that much video clips before so it could be a new type of work in the sense of the moving image forms are the new type of material. but the way that I approach the subject is quite relevant to my former works. I kept trying to make my own narrative of my work.

How is it different from other things you have done?

The key distinction between my previous works and my current project lies in a deliberate shift from prioritizing abstract concepts to embracing narrative storytelling. In the past, my focus was primarily on exploring and developing concepts and themes.

However, with my latest work, I am placing a stronger emphasis on crafting engaging narratives and storylines. This transition represents a conscious effort to seamlessly blend conceptual and thematic elements into compelling stories, inviting the audience to embark on immersive journeys and forge deeper emotional connections with the content.

Explain about the work that you were doing before

The things that I made before were working for more still image forms. it has an intention but it exists in different forms.

Do you have a clear idea of this project?

This project just got started so it’s really hard to say a clear vision yet. But from the point of making my own drone prop, I can work on some more related themes and aesthetics. following the same line with different aspects is the main goal of this project so far.

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