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How the viewer forms the film.

Lazarrato states that consumption first of all is consuming of information. It has become not only the realisation of a product but it has become a social proces that is defined with the term communication. The fact that the immateral laborer nowadays has been given an active role in choosing between alternatives on different levels. The workers souls have to become part of the factory because of the active role they've been given via the handing of an active role that is choosing between alternatives on different levels.

When we look at the attractional cinema, which was active in the early 1900's. We see that it is an exhibitionist cinema. There were two variations, on the one hand there was the narrative and on the other the documentative. In the narrative attraction the portrayal of intimite home life was taboo in the fictional. Therefore these intimite home settings would be shown in Documentary attractions. De exhibitor of an attraction would have great control over the shows they presented, actually re-editing the films they had purchased and supplying of screen supplements, such as spoken commentary. Furthermore the attraction would be shown by a showman which had a narrativizing function. The interaction with the audience in the attraction was very important so we see here that the the audience has a very direct way of influence on the attraction.

But not only does the viewer have an influence on the form and content of film but also nowadays as we can see in the concept of 24 which is a depiction of contemporary post 9-11 american society. Modernday threaths and public vetting of current debates were being shown in the show which means that the need for cultuaral debate of the viewer is what made the content. The real time representation and the day long interval it attempts to document. One day is supposed to be shown to us in one hour, but in fact an episode only last for 42 minutes. The rest of the time goes into commercials. Because commercials are being formed towardh the question of the indivdual we can state that the need of the individual can be seen as an interuption of the show. (Windowing whereby more than one image appeers framed within the entire screen. The show suggests that there is something to be gained aetshetically by seeing more than one discrete perspective at the same time on the screen. )

Because as Lazaratto states the production nowadays exists largely also outside of it's own production process because prior to production a product has to be sold. Therefore researching the product and gathering information is an important part of the production process. This means that the active consumer nowadays has an amazing effect on the content and form of a product.

Because of the immense scale of aanbod the maker HAS to adjust the form and content towards the question of the vrager.