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Prototying talk

Past experiences

Most of my ‘experience’ in regard to networks and coding is based on my interest in audio. Besides being acquainted with regular audio production- and manipulation tools, both digital and analogue, I have some skills in circuit bending and building minor circuit boards. Disassembling machinery and putting parts to new uses is something I quite like to do and would like to continue doing. My experience with coded interfaces goes only as far as HTML.

Things they'd like to learn

I would like to reflect on the construction and presentation of audio- and video installations. Furthermore, I want to focus my study on the connectivity and remediation of information through different carriers. This means that I would like to look at ways in which transportation of digital information is possible, but also on ways by which analogue data can be digitalized. This in turn requires more understanding in signal-systems, coding, electrical currents and the construction of machinery.

Examples of work they find interesting

The first thing that comes to mind is the work of James Kirby. A good example is his previous (almost popular) recording project under the ‘Caretaker’ moniker: ‘An Empty Bliss From Beyond This World’. Another thing that springs to mind is the ‘Ballads’ construction by Sarkis that is still ongoing in Boijmans’ Onderzeebootloods. When we go a little bit further back it might be nice to point out I love the Philips Pavillion at the World Fair of 1958 in Brussels and the modernist elite writing found in Dutch Design Magazine ‘Goed Wonen’ from the 1950s.



Hobba Blobba

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