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Photoshop and InDesign are tools, which I apply regularly for my work. As a photographer I am also interested in calibrating a screen, the use of different profiles and color spaces for printing the files. I worked with final cut, but quite a long time ago and I need an introduction again, especially when it comes to the point of compressing a file for the use on different platforms. I am mainly interested in the practical application of a program, but I am conscious that seeing behind his construction could sometimes be helpful. Then I would like to be able at the end of the first academic year to program my own homepage to be more independent in its creation.

I don’t know to which point it is possible to learn some basics in creating a computer representation of a real environment and to combine it with other captures? Two artists whose work appeals me: Yves Netzhammer ( Chris Cornish (

I would like to make a list of definitions of the world of new media design to get a better understanding and overview of all the different notions. What is a virtual room, what is a synthetic image and where are the borders? Is there a good reading for a basic introduction into these terms?