User:Nicole Hametner/Graduate Research Seminar 2013-TM6.01

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BIO (54 words):

Nicole Hametner's (AT/CH) work observes the fragile moment, the threshold of an image's existence that oscillates between presence and absence. Her new body of work explores the intersection of the photographic analogue still and the electronic moving image, using their media specificity as a conceptual framework to reflect on the image's relation to time.

ABSTRACT (64 words):

In Hametner's installation, a large projection of a dark, almost unreadable, portrait dominates the room. Opposite, the image's ungraspability continues in a video depicting a water tank filled with floating photographs. Another film invites the spectator to contemplate a reflecting body of water at the seaside. Here, the alternating between construction and dissolution of the seen becomes an analogy to the passage of time.