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Nicole Hametner, Trimester 4, december 2013 

Small experiments to reflect about the graduation project

Testshooting in park 01

  • automatic mode
  • preview displays it differently than quick time player


Testshooting in park 02

  • photo vs brighten up video
  • limitation of the sensor while shooting video in the dark

NHametnerTestshooting02Photo.jpg NHametnerTestshooting02Video.jpg

Testshooting in park 03

  • frame rate/ compression/ encoding/ datarate etc.
  • what is the noise, what makes the noise, light and dark zones
  • treshold of the sensor, its limitations, signal-noise relation
  • the border between the noise and the lying object behind



  • research for other possibilities to brighten during recording
  • shoot during the evening, before dusk
  • record the process of darkening
  • ir-filter/ nightvision

Magic Lantern

  • ML installed and fast memory card ordered for RAW shooting
  • need faster cardreader and new external hard drive
  • watch different tutorials for RAW shooting

RAW shooting

  • tree, wind, water surface, interior
  • recorded RAW > dng > tif > mov
  • image sequence back and forth
  • notion of "still- and moving" imaging
  • record the sound independently and synchronize it afterwards
  • vertical recording


Small selfmade beamer

  • rent a beamer and experiment on different materials


Filmed photograph

  • different iso settings and brighten up effect
  • reanimation of the picture


Photographic emulsion

  • polaroid copy with a visible photographic emulsion



  • presence/ absence and stick on what is leftover

During the summer I have worked two month in a factory. The company produces adhesive and sealant for the industry and ships its product all over Europe. The sound of the machines and the quiet monotonous working hours were an interesting experience. There were two days where I did nothing else than sticking labels on cardboard boxes, sometimes 50 of the same label for a small special comission, but also up to 1000 of the same. When I threw away the first charge of the remaining backsides of the labels I was fascinated by the way they felt into the big trash container. I decided to collect the huge amount of the following backsides in a bag and to bring them to Rotterdam to produce a short video. Not only the materiality of the backsides interest me, also the sound and rhythm of removing the label. Then other thoughts came to my mind, about the remainder in general, the idea of adhere to something and the process of detachment. I will test in the coming weeks how I can let the little paper pieces fly through the air and filming them, observe what happens while zooming in and discover some details towards a complete abstraction. Besides that I will record the sound of sticking labels on cardboard boxes and remind myself where I spend the last summer.





  • coming and fading, images in constant movement
  • element of water, reflection of lighttubes on the waves
  • drying the photographs on my mirror at home, thinking about material and surfaces
  • no sound while RAW shooting, record parallel and sync it afterwards

This small project follows another idea for a short video I had in mind. It will be shot in the darkroom, the camera is pointing on the rinsing tank where the developed photographs move around in the rythm of the water coming out of the pipe. Like the backsides of the labels in the air, the photographs also turn around, showing for a short instant the image and then turn away in the next moment presenting the reverse side, all accompanied by the ripple of the water.