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Nicole Hametner, Trimester 4, december 2013 

Relation to larger context

Pieter Geenen/ Raphael Hefti/ Chris Cornish/ Roni Horn/ James Turell/ Olafur Eliasson/ Bill Viola/ Harun Farocki/ Michael Snow/ Jan Fabre/ Fiona Tan/ David Claerbout/ Tacita Dean/ Runa Islam/ structural film/

Steve McQueen, Running Thunder, 2007

  • installation with hung screen in space
  • reflections of the presentational mode
  • photograph of a stone enclosed by a dead tree
Steve McQueen, Running Thunder, 2007

Steve McQueen, Running Thunder, 2007

Nicole Hametner, There, 2012

Gillian Carnegie, Black Square, 2008

  • the contradiction between matter and image
  • the viewer's position, needs her movement to reveal the image
  • challenge of depicting a night scene
  • made me think of my previous work in the forest
Gillian Carnegie, Black Square, 2008

Nicole Hametner, Wald, 2006

Mark Rothko/ Hiroshi Sugimoto

  • precise idea of the work's installation
  • necessity of a sensitive observer
  • sense of the unknown
  • transcendence of the individual
  • towards spiritual experience
Mark Rothko, Rothko Chapel, 1971

Hiroshi Sugimoto, Pine Trees/ Coffin of Light, 2001

Black paintings

  • abstract expressionism
  • the sublime
  • representation of abscence

Pointillism of Georges Seurat

  • grid of dots
  • structure of the paper
Georges Seurat, The Artist's Mother, 1882