User:Nicole Hametner/Graduate Research Seminar 2013-TM4.02

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Nicole Hametner, Trimester 4, december 2013 

Relation to previous practice

  • Aster, 2008: topic of the night in the center/ allows to talk about the process/ to reveal the unseen/ the invisible is the main referent/ theme of absence/ introspection/ psychoanalysis/ exteriors become screens for inner images/ contemplation/ romanticism/ juxtaposition of the pictural and the photographic/ duration and instant
Nicole Hametner, Aster, 2008
  • Le Sapin, 2010: woodcut vs photography/ duration of production of a wooden matrice and long time exposures on a sheet film/ deep black of the matrices/ again the night as central element/ mechanism of photography/ to freeze and to solidify in silver/ the photographic emulsion/ theme of the forest linked with the sublime/ portal to an imaginary world
Nicole Hametner, Le Sapin, 2010
  • Schwarzes Licht, 2010: intention to integrate the space/ light installation/ role of the observer/ oscillation between present and absent image during the cycle of day and night/ forced to wait to reveal the latent image/ juxtaposition of drug addict and toxic nightshades/ Freud's three casket theory leads to the topic of the three fates
Nicole Hametner, Schwarzes Licht, 2010
  • Montchoisi, 2011: photographs of a swimmingpool/ different seasons/ the element of water and its different states/ from frozen to constant flow
Nicole Hametner, Montchoisi, 2011
  • First Trimester at Piet Zwart: built up on previous interests/ theme of perception/ techniques of the observer, 19th to 21st century/ pulsing thaumathrope, theme of the after image/ from stillness to the moving image/ intrigued by the temporal moving noise in the underexposed digital image
Thaumatrope, 2012