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.Nan Wang, Trimester 1, 2012/2013.

Drawing machine


In this video I try to map out the moving track of certain parts of human body and try to use body as a brush drawing in the air.

I shoot a video of me moving my hand to draw a capital letter "N" in the air. I used After effects twisting the movements and time of the footage. When I am editing the video, I freeze certain frames and mask out the hand. As the result, when I move my hand, the trace of the hand movement appears as a drawing.

The size of the "brush" of this "drawing machine" controlled by the angle of the hand position. The softness and hardness of this "brush" controlled by the speed of the hand movement. As the visual result, I saw the potential of turning movements of human body parts into dynamic drawing tools.




Drawing1.png Drawing2.png Drawing3.png Drawing4.png

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VIDEO link: Vimeo