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issues - the psychological effect on the consequence of pushing/pressing a button the inevitable consequence of pushing/pressing a button power of pressing the button

divide the button into 4 subtopics Murder+Button - Killing with a push of a button - the button of death - shoot now ask later - Dial M for Murder

Button+Sex - sex toy

Button+Food - meat

Button+Death - the bomb

Button+environment - plastic.. somehow?

the history of the (push)button

psychology of pressing a big red button - Derren brown

mechanical definition


representation of a button (pixel interface) trying to emulate with sound and visually

chain reaction of a button

killing with a push of a button

politics - dropping bomb, who’s responsible


sexual satisfaction


writing through buttons (keyboard)

creating art/music with/through button

panic button

programming, no mouse only keyboard

communication through button


electrical or mechanical machines that were activated with buttons - camera


write to them to ask for article


Derren Brown