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Lara Shalson

performance continues into the future, afterlife

the pics documenting the performance are better known than the actual performance

abramovich reanactment is 7h long endurance achiving an embodied relation

on google smthng?

transmi between the reanactment and the documentation.

inevitable to disappera a part of it, alterred

with the objects meaning might change

text gives you more room to imagen. if you alter the image its much more critical,

story telling story teller repods to the crowd

travma, robstvo prerazkazvaneto na istoriite na dyrjavite i naciite kak edna i sushta istoriq buva promenena

notion of changeability not exactness artist-friven change careful documentation

possibility of preservation, but not exact

Lara Shalson (2013) enduring documents

Mikkas Poper

the iisue with the institutional way of documenttation.

most facilities use two way of arhive collection archive - documentation works -documentation about the work

what are we buying and how do we preserve it.

written text as a documentation excluding visual presentation freedom with imagination

how far can you move from the origin with the afterlife? how far can you detach from cultural field in which the performance acts.

the afterlife what does it concern? the economical side or the authors

-- the art work - comodified

the document a performance you need a performance

the need of documentation or the economics

emphasizing on the artists opinion, and his interest a 3way look in to his work

the lack is to capture the experience the .... of the work

no need for experience no need for driving no nned for a performance

examp: building an automatic car

centralaized information ( before ) and restricted information

and now it is desectralized but people start to go back to small groups.