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Notes from previous lecture

Some blonde ideot with a camera and later on renzo himself with hmself in the frame to state that he is more "serious" and inteligable, and interested he shows himself in a more contemplative mode. Later on making some statements. The ringmatch the chaos, the army and later on the politician seem to make a statement on the current status that the country is in. Emphasized by the handheld camera Some critisim on several inhabitants at an exhibition by showing that the woman is literally ignoring his question about the poverty of the people. Some critisim on several inhabitants at an exhibition by showing that the woman is literally ignoring his question about the poverty of the people. Therefore she is ignoring the status of the poor in general. Also it is an artexhibition about poverty esthetisizing poverty. Renzi does not use very easthetical means. "does this mean his documentary is more real oprecht? Giving himself a saintlike status.

The part in the forest where they walk towarth a goal the music his singing, at a certain point the lighting in his face telling us there is some sort od action, redemption, enlightebment? (the wisdom he will bring? The role of the teacher?)

The big evil of the exploiters, the government, the company the first african person works for, the people who arrive in the plane taking the gold and (not heartily) bringing medicine. the good they do is also (foremost) in their own advantage.

What kind of information is marketable to the rest of the world? Negative information depiction. The value of other people agony.

Renzo calling in the midst of african children, some of them are eating fom red cups, he is towering over them as the salvator he is. Religious dipictual connotations?

Ownership of the news, the information. Marketing via poverty poverty as a commercial vessel. Unicef needs the poor Africans for the marketing of their product. Exploitation can be easily created or thought when given the right means. The photographer, the worker of the media, is the evil worki Know that you are a product and commercialise yourself. In the end Renzo brought light to the community, literally and figuratively. "experiencing your poverty brings me enlightenment, thank you" "njoy pvrty" reference to society.

Renzo is doing what he is critisizing himself ENJOY POVERTY

The act of killing

Glorification of the gangster Influence from western movies on the individuals idea of proper appearence Sadism and cruelty are synonims, taking pride in the cruelty that has been committed Not every truth is valid or has to go into the world The ridicule of the situation the stories of the communists depicted in the movie that they are making, the dancing. Also their own pride and mystification of the situations that they';re describing. business men workers party Killing makes you feel bad but you just have to find a good justification for it. We will reward you with gifts if you vote for us (while campaigning with the money that we got from extorting you) "Wes houldn't look brutal its bad for our organisations image" We were the law

The creation of an image for the outside world which would depict them differently or nicer better than they actually are. Is ths image based on their own ideology. Being free? Justification of ther acts. MAybe also through the iden

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notes Steve 27.03.2013

map of Chad McCail ( - zombies - robots - wealthy parasites

The motive to change - a historical enfolding - its produced by people ( material reality )

false conciousness the zombies and the robots have it

Marks mistaken the zombies the workers would own the means of productions

The ruling class has the ruling ideas - how the ideals are born The class which is the ruller of material is also the rulling intelectual also controlles the mental production

the people who lack in that are not in controlled

ideal express of the dominant material expression

I am me and I am free

What is false conciousness? - - I am me and I am free !?!

rule as a class leades the production of ideas,

Thinkers as producers of ideas - regulate

the production of audiances Smythe

first you produce a need and the u introduce a solution

Aristocrasi + bourguazi the new market democracy

- all interests are inluded - voting, other traditions of aristokrasy

material conditions

The end of the world
The end of history

mental labober and physical laber teach smone to read not to write. ( but the one is included into the other )

hegemony - conciousness - awarenesss of the material conditions of your life

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ \\\\Gramsci - The prison diaries ( died in the 1930s )\\\\ \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Niel Chomsky Richard Barbroock - imagenery futures the idea about ... of conscent

loop, feedback, self regulation homeostasys - constitutional democracy

unwritten laws - crusial to the identification of the person

ZIZEKS movie

Ironic distance - survives getting to obsesed with it - dies ( overidentify your self with smth ) - full metal jacket mechnisam of sinical reason

Renzo Martins - overidentifies with the idea that poverty is a comodity

The ideology to be real 0 ?!?!

to find your destiny -

being subordinate to the system is not finding your destiny

-- the ideological state apparatus - book - Althusser ( author )

''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' the definition of liberal democracy is A STATE OF ACCEPTION '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

Çarl Schmith - writer

who is not recognised by the society homoseita

outisde of the system ( state of exception )

Notes on Movie - - more hyman , .....

crazy and rich - the gangsters

god hates comumnists

that is what history is going to produce

what to wear on massacres? checkered pants

words of theministere of sport and blablabla - the scene we shot was terrifying - it introduces the furious side (our enemies should be scared)

He is taking in account what accually he is doing and the \consiquences of this

Firstly he remembered the nice and funny stuff and then extracted them in his stories and made them look good after the scenes are shot but afterwards he realizes

its going to be hell for you, but heaven on earth for me

karma -

standing on the endge of the world
I feel nothing 
i suspect nothing
but the tourment always grows
in the end they are placing them selfs in the comunist place
being tortured and interogated
"your hands have done so much"
I felt like I was dead for a moment 
he fails when he is in the place of the one being tortured

shots of stuffed animals wrapped in plastic ( kato ydosheni )

come here to watch how grandpa gets beaten up ( shows them how he ) classic narsisisum

people who don;t feel emphaty - by blaming the victim

I felt what it was like i knew what they were feeling - but atually they knew that they were gonna get killed so much more worse for them

In the last scene he is tottaly changed for his first shots were he is so entusiastic about being shot in a movie

He starts explaining why did he do it - his conciousness knew that they had to be killed

-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- makes the victim, the perpotrater


The psychopat test - rohn Johnson

Zizek movie -=============================-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=Rsa animate - first as tragedy them as farce-=-= YOUTUBE VIDEO -===-=-==-=--==--==--=-===-=-=--=-==-=-=--=-=-==--

Why in our economy charity is no longer the idiosyncrasy of some good guys, but its the basic constituent of our economy

in todays capitalism the tendency is to bring the two dimentsions together in the same cluster Charity is included in your buy Coffee ethics combining two opposites charity function now is keeping the poor alive


a better way to reconstruct society and exclude poverty from it


__________________________________ A link to Enjoy poverty

poverty as a commodity is produced

poverty is the raw material for the market poverty produces the market - produces richness to afrika -

a great contradiction about capitalisum and charity - feeding a poor childe - spoiling

charity is an unsustainable just another way of crowed sourcing

teach them skills ,\ why

Jean Roush - writer - book - similiar theme to Renzo

The industry of making picture - is not


Vimeo video auditorium Moscow, Ranzo, enjoy poverty

difference and similiarities between the texts

-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- charity emancipate ideology

ethics in conjuction

after the enlightment - people bring the individual virtues to the mass, so this is introduced as a system for working with more then

commodity ethics connect ideology + human virtues

Zizek is perceiving films as text , so he is using the to depict

that can provide a frame for the