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IDEOLOGY definition: a set of personal beliefs outlining what one has determined to be the optimal mode of social organisation. (normative) proposes a view of the world as it should be

all ideologies need the expression of subjective values - invites the use of law and coecive enforcement of an allegedly "ideal" code

a prescription for society based on personal values

theoretical meaning to practicle

1ST IDEOLOGY - 240 YEARS AGO - republicinisum

punishment: you will die reward :

The french rebolution - for republi the merchant class rising against the goverment - why take away the power from the monarchy and other around it ++ the church

so they toook away the power
Rrance to resurect the Roman empire

- new type of gebernment with elected officials

Ideologies werent that important before that (although they excisted) werent origanised around ideology - there was no choice !! - they had to organised to what they believed in

Napolian comes with a solution - the war ( he whanted to ) the people have french pride - he taps into that by inventing nationalisum ( you are the greatest people on earth ) - the soulders were dying for france - thats how he got them to fight with passion


Rules based ideology

EMPOWER people and let them deal with the issues

konservatives believe in - small/no taxes - anti (illegal) immigration - limiting the rull of government ( state power ) - anti abbortion - against mass transics - no gay marriege - pro war orriented

socialisum ( a response to capitalisum )

capitalisum sprawned two ideologies - liberalisum - conservativisum

During the great industrial revolution people signed up for the army so they could live a different live than working in a factory


ZIZEK - object and function of ideology

the object of desire the cause of desire (fantasmatic )

the real power and decisiouns are distanced from the state


Slavoj Žižek. Object a and The Function of Ideology. 2012

- jan pier du - similiar position design of desire of the small other

(fast runner) movie

zizek says ( 1:20:47 ) Why do the nacies need the figure of the Jews to maintain their ideology? ( it cant exist wwithout the other)

MARX The modes of production - he asiatic mode of production

All the modes that dont feed the other.

Big other

-definition- as agency of surface (innocent gaze for whome appearce should be maintained)

to sustain your self you need another one to believe in you (even if its to believe for us)

THe big other is an exaplary case

our imagenery free identities are

the goal of psycho analitic field is to dispell thi imagenary dilusions , and to be able to formulate raw structure , how are you over a symbolic structure


the big other - anonimous symbolic order is rulling that is not true this structure is necesserally inconsistent, antagonisttic, inoperative, failed

there is no other of the other the other of the other is the neightbour The neightbour comes too close -> then you feel threatened by the neightbour

Thrueth is subjectivly engaged knowledge


Renzo Martins IDeology in enjoy poverty

rich people benefiting more from this fighting of poverty than the poor

sign "enjoy poverty" - emancipatory tool

Renzo said - a film that would be aware of what it is?!?! with its own explotation

showing somth and then showing why is it like this

- the sinicallity of Renzo ( gettting a kick out of it ) -

begining of the film - take a profit to start a project then at the end braging about our vanity, and you cant finish it. I failed my development project, but thats what we all do. and because

Renzo could have done more: could have challenged the plantation owner to do something about the quotes ( working 3 days for 1/2 dollar )

SURE POEPLe die but that is the way it goes, if it goes the other way the price of the products is going to rise

No accummulation in self intrest

The doctors without borders dont want native people to shoot because they wont get them published in big news papers.

News fotographers dont go to the plantations, because they are not taken there

-=============================================================== -=============================================================== Renzo Martins

Aushvitz - if the information goes out there wold be somekind of help

Kongo There is no external view on Kongo, because there is a lot of information about the situation there; and we know which are the companies helping there. which companies make money out of it When you go there (no external view), because everything is there is no outside of this situation, does not produce an external view, because every thing is out there. Not a world outside of this situation, because you can buy almost everywhere chocolate from Kongo, so we are all part of the situation.

The industry making images of this pooness, is no different from anyother that is extracting products from there. (because just a little bit is given to the people)

What the photos dont show is the institution that makes these images. (the terms and conditions of making the photos and who provits from them)

Renzo is showing how everything that comes and goes from Congo plays its part in this destructive help.

The goal is to show how these interventions made in congo

who pays the inconsequenciality of art that is made there. when art remains without consequences

Renzo playing an actor in the film, he is trying to be as empty as possible. His character is a collective of other associations(NGO, Unicef ...)

Autonomy of art - the ability to deal with it self while its dealing with the outside world also

What is missing in the film is the interaction of Martin with the sponsors!

who is it revering to you? more of a deconstruction of an image Who does it implicate - the artist / viewer / How are we implicated? how our complicity, where does it come from the who are you trying to accuse


WHat is the ideology in Enjoy poverty

- presents the idea that poverty is present nowadays and there isnt a lot going on to do so - this charity implemented in capitalisum is not working for the poor

( they are giving to the poor just as much not to die )

- its the same as presented in Zizek, being nice to the slaves is the most baddest thing you can do.

So even if a piece of art exposes a new intervention in the Congo, in the end it creates better work opportunities in New York and Berlin than it improves the labor conditions in the Congo. There exists this kind of a gap, [one] that exists not only in art but other fields that attempt intervention in new places.

in a sence he is trying to revert the route of the money to benefit from the poor to the poor

not charity from the people to the rich companies but to teach the poor to earn money by doing white mens jobs. ( white doctor in the picture, white photographer )

ZIzek: it is much more easy to have symphaty with suffering than symphaty with thought

Why is he addressing his sarcastig autitude the helpless people? How would you adress it to a capital comsumer. gO TO starbucks to save the planet

repressemnt a course.

the second hand clothes.

how to break this

Peter Galsoun ( obejctviity) - - -

the differerent forms of making an image

showing obejctivity wi=hich is not opart of our subejectivity whows more

a regulative ideal - objectivity

cameras - mediative experience

photographing twins again to mediate experience

how we experience ideology - hidden in plain sight ( )