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Video loop with raspberry pi or how to make a raspberry pi into player:.

1. format the sd card
2. unmount after
3. download and install the image called videoloop, built on raspbian, which already contains built up script with relevant interface / and / ( marked as buttons – stop and start on the right corner in the gui)

download link --> img raspberry-pi-video-looper

install line run as a super user --> sudo dd if=/Volumes/media/Users/oyo/Desktop/NAME.img of=/dev/rdisk2 bs=1m

4. copy your files in /home/pi/video directory

5. remove the example video

6. boot the pi


  • works with .mpg or .mp4 files only
  • there is one sec delay (a blank) between the videos

py script to do the same job:
tested !!!
The disadvantage is that every time the script runs the terminal window pops up and interupts the videoLoop.