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Melek What kind of writing do you do on a day to day basis (texts, emails, essays, graffiti, notes on work &c)? I don't like using electronics. Feels it limits the pace. This is not always convenient . Take a lot of notes; notes on English vocabulary &c; Listen to podcasts a lot (2hrs a day minimum) and take notes; interested in use of words; making long hand notes; without the freedom of deleting I make more concise texts; deciding what is worth putting down on paper. You value economy of words; [Orwell Politics and the English Language]. Synopsis helps me make sure I have made the knowledge your.

For script writing using default software. This is the last stage in the process - all the stages are on paper (notebooks) and in my head. All the details are organised in the process. A lot of drafts (on average 8 drafts). (on the soifteware you have 'typing' and 'thinking' time is demarcated.) How could RWRM be useful?