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1.session (with Andre)

  • History of Unix
  • Learning basic commands for navigation and
    organizing files in Terminal
  • Logging into the Raspberry Pi and trying out
    different tasks (like: priting/texttospeech)
  • creating public_html directory and index.html
  • start writing an online bio through Terminal

look at max' online bio

guarantees end users
the freedom to run,
study, share and modify
the software

Dot matrix printer
and Raspberry Pi used
in the first session

2.session (with Andre)

  • Generating SSH-keys to access the RaspberryPi
  • Introduction to the Git
  • Learning basic commands to work with the Git

Terminal session

3.session (with Michael)

File:Sine2.mp3 Arduino
Macbooks running Arduino

4.session (with Andre)

  • Little history of wiki
  • Introduction to advanced wiki tools (categories, transclusion,...)
  • Categorizing content uploaded so far by each student with Categroy:LFP
  • Wiki hierarchy through tags
  • Introduction to API - Application Programming Interface = an interface to integrate parts of one website/platform to another
  • Introdutcion to JSON - Java Script Object Notation = a compact and easy to read dataformat for data exchange inbetween websites/platforms
  • Introduction to dictionary/object-structure in Javascript/Pyhon
  • Basic commands to get desired information in JSON
  • JQ ....

5.session (with Michael)

  • Arduino basics (Tone, loops, ..)
  • Arduino pinouts
  • Explanation PWM - Smoothing out the rough digital signal (on / off) to simulate an analog signal
  • Explanation Duty Cycles
  • Explanation file.h

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