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Bank of Broken Dreams

No ideas to waste! If your creative project failed to meets its funding target, it can still become printed currency in The Bank of Broken Dreams. The Bank of Broken Dreams collects failed projects from crowd-funding websites. People trade the value of their original idea and form a new currency based on creativity and imagination over monetary revenue.

Performed at V2 unstable media as part of Politics of Craft , led by Florian Cramer.

"All Work is now pleasurable; either because of the hope of gain in honour and wealth with which the work is done, which causes pleasurable excitement, even when the actual work is not pleasant; or else because it has grown into a pleasurable habit, as in the case with what you may call mechanical work; and lastly (and most of our work is of this kind) because there is conscious sensuous pleasure in the work itself; it is done, that is , by artists"

Project also unfunded on Kickstarter. view the process documentation
Code Documentation

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