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Im interested in the self, the data subject and performance in the information age. Performance has become a natural realisation of the individual to participate in a capitalist society , now that all networks are virtually public how much of communication is a performative act to compete in a neo liberal society. the shape of the essay will firstly look at how performance is utilized as an economic functionality of the individual (Perform or else). How performance is used in the market place to control individuals and increase economic production. Secondly how networked technologies are designed to challenge and reward competitive , performative individuals (from self disclosure to self promotion Geert Lovink) Finally to reflect on the logic of the subject now their is common understanding of how their communication and social relation is quantified to economic value how this effects the presentation of the self in everyday life.

key texts - perform or else , Facebook crisis and multiple self, cold intimacies - Eva Illouz. irving Goffman - presentation of self in everyday life.