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how technology mediates performance

Im interested in the self, the data subject in the information age. How the subject adjusts their privacy and public performance to compete in the neo liberal market.

mark poisoner - 'subjects performing in the database ' " I feel detached from myself" - live in public participant.

introducing the internalization of state agendas and disciplined self. Recognizing the internalizated surveillance identified by Facoult and following that to self management required by the subject in the information age. The body being a database.

The basis for our understanding of self The subject in the information age understands the value of data and can adapt their privacy beliefs to compete in the data market place.

The labor and value of performance in data economy. examples of work environments that require subjects to act accordingly, in a role or a character. " i can only do it because its people i don't know' being liberated by anonymity while performing at the call centre. "work bitch " communication as performance and as an economic contribution. Docile body in the call centre is required to perform a character that acquires data.

Link how anonymity liberates the self to provide private performance of the subject.

"you have the right to be alone" as a human rights bill Autonomy and the adjustable price of privacy " as study in 2002 showed that while 70% of consumers were concerned about their privacy , 82% were willing to give out their personal information in exchange for a chance to win £100 sweepstakes"

autonomy as liberation of performance and its relation with theatre Dramatics evolved with a separation between person and character, the expansion of communication technologies requires for the individual to manage multiple characters as part of a daily performance. These characters are reflections of their individualized desires that are managed and appropriated for different environments. Masks have always been traditionally used in theatre to liberate the individual to become a new character. The 'true' identity polices enforced by digital corporations is to allow clearer consumer profiles from your data set, however would the subject communicate more under the liberation of pseudonymity?

explore this in a practical sense with creating networks for performance where people are anonymous.